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Embossed image Effects in Photoshop

Embossed effect can be applied to an image. It will add an extra effect of reality to the image. To apply the embossed effect on an image you could use Photoshop CS. The steps given below will help you to achieve it. Photoshop CS' s basic understanding is a criteria here. If the user is unaware of the Photoshop CS basics see our Photoshop CS tutorials .We also provides tutorials for working with various kinds of soft wares such as Fireworks, Flash and Dreamweaver.



Adding Embossed effect to an image


1. Open the image you want to be embossed in the main window of the Photoshop. This can be done by Clicking File>Open and selecting the file from the browser window.


2. The imported image must be converted into a grey image by desaturating it. Press Image>Adjustments>Desaturate to make the image grey. The image becomes just like the one shown below.


emboss image


3. Duplicate the image by Right-clicking on it and give a proper name to it. Covert it into an x-ray image by clicking on the Image>Adjustments>Invert.


4. the most important step is to change the opacity of the new layer so that you could see the grey image. For this purpose set the layer opacity to 50%.


5. Now by selecting the Move tool from the tool bar add necessary beveling to the image. For doing this Press the right arrow key for outer beveling and press the left arrow key for the inner beveling. After providing the beveling levels as you like stop the procedure.


6. The image has got an embossed effect. This tutorial has helped you to add an embossed effect to the image.


embossed image



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