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Canvas Texture Effect in Photoshop

canvas texture

If you are not familiar with canvas texture effect, our easy & simple step to step tutorial will help you to do so.


. First step is, select an image and open it in Photoshop by clicking on the link File>Open. We can also try to edit the size of the picture by clicking on the link Image>Image Size, then give new height and width of your interest



. Next step we need to do is getting the texturiser properties window, for that we need to click on Filter>Texture>Texturiser. If the window appears submit these values. Texturizer, Texture - Canvas, Scaling - 80%, Relief - 10, Light - top. Click the OK button after submitting. You can also try with different values for getting different type of image views.



texturizer menu



Texture - Canvas

Scaling - 80%

Relief - 10

Light - top

Click on OK.















An image with a canvas texture will appear on the screen. This is the final result.



canvas texture





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